A Day On A Luxury Safari

When you go on safari, you do, as you would expect spend a fair amount of time off-road, having to leave any tracks for a closer look at a great sighting (say a leopard in a tree), but donít worry this is totally OK and is permitted by the Game Park authorities.

Three Types of Game Drives

There are broadly three types of game drive. Early morning, afternoon and the night drive. Depending on your location one may be better than another but there are no firm rules for success, but do not fear your guides, carefully picked by MikeRossAfricaTravel will be there to help.

It is also good to bear in mind, that even though you are in a hot part of the world, that depending on the time of year you are there, it might become very cold in the early morning or late evening especially in an open game drive vehicle, so be sure to pack accordingly.

Safaris Are Not All About Game Drives

But game drives are not the only thing that happens on safari, besides being able to sample some lovely local foods, there are many other activities. These might include a nature or bush walk, a canoe (or makoro) trip, a boat trip or a cultural village visit. The list is endless.

Planning Your Luxury Safari

It is well worth considering these extra opportunities, but that means that the planning process must be thorough, which after all is all a part of the holiday and can be lots fun too.

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