Luxury Tailor Made Safaris

So what happens on a typical safari? Well there are lots of ways of going on a safari, it all depends on what you want to do, which is where our advice and experience comes in. After we have chatted to you and found out something about the things that you may like to do, we can put together a package so that as the safari unfolds you do as much as possible. But it is important to remember you are there for a holiday so we do try and balance activities with some rest-time.

Everyone is different but we often see guests with other parties half asleep in a game drive vehicle, possibly exhausted and certainly not concentrating. This is simply not the way to get the best out of the wonderful experience a Safari is.

African Safaris Offer An Intensive Experience

Safaris are very active and often provide an intense experience, so we advise that our guests do not do too much and pace themselves, taking a break now and then. Itís a holiday, so we make sure the itinerary and what you do in it is right for you.

There is never an obligation to go on all game drives and besides there may be activities to do at the accommodation itself where great sightings are often enjoyed, all without the need to even leave camp.

Safari Vehicles and Guides

However, the most usual way to see the wildlife is from the back of a game drive vehicle, these being different from country to country and can be open or closed with a pop-up roof. Both work well. Your guide will help you spot the wildlife and will be able to explain what is happening on your sighting: in our view the guide is one of the most important elements in a successful safari and can transform an experience when handled well. How to spot the game, position the vehicle and bring the sighting to life marks a good guide.

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