Tailor Made Luxury Beach & Safari Holidays

Your safari could start off with some time on the beach. Africa is the perfect place to create that special memory, so the safari and beach holiday is a perfect combination! We have huge experience in getting the balance right and can help you make this incredibly important decision, so that it works just as you want it. You’ll have a fantastic experience, discover new things together and have memories to last a lifetime.

Family Adventure Safaris

Taking the family on safari can be one of the most amazing and satisfying holidays you will ever have. You are in it together: seeing stunning sights, visiting amazing areas packed with lots of animals and experiencing many adventures. Throw in a bit of culture and you have a perfect mix. How a family trip is designed and coordinated is important and often very different from what might be created for just adults. Kids have different needs, and attention span can be limited. Thus variety is the key. We recognise this and can help you come up with exactly the right combination.

African Safaris & Culture

A Safari need not be not just about the wildlife. Africa is steeped in history and ancient tradition and experiencing a different culture and value set is always fascinating, to say nothing about the different clothing. Our village visits reveal a completely different perspective to our lifestyle but similarities are strangely present despite the totally different environment. The artwork within Africa varies dramatically by region and is well worth perusing too, you might even want to bring some home.

Back To That Beach

By the way, Africa has some of the best beaches in the world, the coast along the continent being rimmed with thousands of miles of golden sands, some almost uninhabited. Off the coast there are many stunning islands: coral atolls and azure warm seas.

Somewhere in there is your perfect retreat, so do think about a taking a beach holiday just for itself or with a safari.

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